11 ways love (Falling in love) keeps you happy !!!

11 ways love(Falling in love) keeps you happy !!!


Stars in your eyes, butterflies in your stomach, weak in your knees— a feeling like no other is falling in love. But did you know that being in love actually benefits your body and mind tangibly?

“We are social creatures and we do our best if we have strong social support systems,” explains Anne Arundel Medical Center cardiologist Baran Kilical, MD. “Being in love can have an impact on your heart health from your stress levels.”

Researchers found in one study of more than 400 adults that the more people hugged, the lower their chances of becoming sick. Hugging in a person’s life can be an indicator of overall social support, which also promotes good health. In the same study, there were fewer cold symptoms among adults who said they had a strong social support system than those who said they lacked their support system.


Who doesn’t enjoy the magical feeling of being in love? Maybe a few of them!!!…. Many studies have shown over the years that being in love goes beyond that warm and fuzzy feeling and the obvious advantage of having a date for Valentine’s Day at all times. Whether you’re with a romantic partner, family or friends, these special relationships have proved beneficial to our health.

You may be surprised by the health benefits of love–love can also keep you mentally, physically, socially and spiritually healthy.

This is good news for people who spend time in loving environments and the most important thing is that it’s not just the physical side you can benefit from–it’s enough to be in love.

Professor Jacques Snyman, Health Medical Scheme Clinical Advisor highlights why making room for love in your life is important.

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