5 Benefits Of Having Sex that you will be happy to know

5 Benefits Of Sex

Sexual life  isn’t just funny, did you know it’s good for you as well? That’s true. Sex benefits range from slashing stress levels to reducing your cancer risk and heart attacks. Sexual life  facilitates bonding with your partner and feelings of intimacy. This kind of connectivity does more than make you feel warm and fuzzy, it reduces anxiety and increases your overall health.

sexual activities  benefits really range from head to toe. An active sexual life could actually improve the work of your brain. Researchers found that sex turns the brain into a more analytical way of processing and thinking. And animal studies suggest that sexual life increases memory-involved areas of the brain.

How do you want a stronger immune system or sleep better? Sheet action can help you get all this and more.

 Improve Women’s Bladder Control

At some point in life, urinary incontinence affects about 30% of women. Having regular orgasms works to strengthen and tone the pelvic floor muscles of a woman. In Kegel exercises, orgasms activate the same muscles that women use. Having stronger pelvic muscles means less risk of accidents and leakage of urine.

Having sex Lower Your Blood Pressure

Are you one of the millions suffering from high blood pressure? Sex can help you reduce it. A link between intercourse specifically (not masturbation) and lower systolic blood pressure, the first number appearing on a blood pressure test, has been documented in many studies. This is good news for people looking for an easy lifestyle adjunct (diet, exercise, stress reduction) and drug strategies to get blood pressure into a healthy range. Sex sessions can’t replace drugs that lower blood pressure to control high blood pressure, but they can be a useful supplement.

 Sex Counts as Exercise

Doing Sex also burns calories like any other kind of physical activity! Burns about 1 calorie per minute sitting and watching TV.  sexual life increases your heart rate and burns about 5 calories per minute using different muscle groups. Regular sex can’t replace gymnastics sessions, but having an active, healthy sex life is a great way to get some extra physical activity.

 Lower Heart Attack Risk

Would you like a healthier heart? Have a lot of sex. Sexual activity helps to keep hormone levels in check, such as estrogen and testosterone. Conditions such as heart disease and osteoporosis may develop when these hormones are out of balance. More is better when it comes to protecting the health of the heart by  sex. One study in men showed that those who had sex at least twice a week were 50 percent less likely than their less sexually active peers to die from heart disease.

Lessen Pain

Sexual stimulation (including masturbation) and orgasm may help to maintain bay pain. Both activities can reduce the sensation of pain and increase the threshold of pain. Orgasms cause hormones to be released that can help block signals of pain. Some women report that masturbation self-stimulation can reduce menstrual cramps, arthritis, and even headache symptoms.


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