5 Harmful effects of mobile phones you should be aware of!

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5 Harmful effects of mobile phones you should be aware of !

A growing dependence on mobile phones leads to fear of missing out and the need to stay connected on an ongoing basis. This causes anxiety and stress. Your phone’s prolonged use can cause depression, reduce concentration, and hamper your academic performance. It also interferes with your vision, aggravates your posture and disrupts sleep.

We live in a world full of people who are glued to their cell phones more often than not. Indeed, most of us are so attached to these devices that the moment we leave, even if it’s just to use the washroom, we feel restless. And if you’re related to this, there’s a good chance you’re smartphone addicted. This smartphone dependency comes with a variety of harmful effects. But we listed a few symptoms of smartphone addiction that you should know about before diving into them.

1. Mobile phones Causes Stress, Anxiety, and Depression

Some studies have linked excessive use of smartphones with alcohol addiction, smoking, and aggressive behavior. This could be attributed to complications of mental health such as low self-esteem and depression with smartphone dependency.4 5 Researchers have found that people are in constant anxiety when it comes to cell phone use due to the need to be connected all the time. Indeed, when their phones were removed from them, the heart rate of test subjects increased significantly and they could hear the notifications from afar. And this phone-induced anxiety operates on a positive feedback loop, i.e. only by looking can it be relieved.


2. Mobile phones Disrupts Sleep Patterns

Gone are the days when teens fell asleep in their hands with a book. Now, if your smartphone is the last thing you look at before bed, and the first thing you look at when you wake up, it’s relatively common. Studies have shown that long periods of exposure to short-wavelength light (such as smartphone exposure) lead to irregular, short, and delayed adolescent sleep. And as most schools and workplaces require individuals to wake up early in the day, it disrupts the circadian rhythm.

3. Lowers attention, concentration

Smartphones  may be the bane of your school. Research has found that only the presence of smartphones around us can cause our level of concentration and attention to decline. Even when people try to avoid the temptation to check their phones, this holds true. This translates into a lower understanding of new learning material and understanding in the educational sphere, especially when using smartphones while teaching something.


4. Worsens Posture

We’re looking almost always into our phones and this can have a negative impact on our posture. Studies have shown that the typical forward neck posture people have when they’re on their phones can, in the long run, damage the structure of the cervical and lumbar spine as well as the ligaments. This, in turn, could lead to changes in the rib cage’s shape and bio mechanics (under which the lung contracts and expands), resulting in breathing problems. Because of this, bad posture is associated with respiratory problems.


5.  Might Increase The risk of cancer

cancer is one of the biggest concerns people have when talking or reading about excessive use of cell phones and their cause of concern might be valid. Cell phones emit radio waves that the tissues near the contact area can absorb. This form of radiation may be carcinogenic, although further studies are required to fully understand its effects. Children may also be at higher risk than adults to be affected by radiation as their nervous systems may continue to develop.

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