5 Signs Your Marriage is on Trouble

Never saying SORRY

It is normal for couples to argue in all relationships, including marriage. But how can you tell if your arguments are healthy or a sign of a bad relationship or your marriage is on trouble? You may have to question your connection if you have many more adverse relationships than beneficial ones. If you are already beginning to ask about your marriage’s future, there are some ways to say if there is a real issue to worry about.

Here are five telling signs to assist you determine if your marriage is on the rocks or not:

You both speak, but you don’t communicate.

A connection is also a partnership that deserves to be heard by both sides. But if you end up listening all the time while your partner is speaking, it’s time for you to talk up and make yourself heard. It’s the same for your partner. Most importantly, you should make a point of really and actively listening to the grievances or concerns of your partner. Be truthful. If any of you are unwilling to listen or compromise, it is a clear indication that your marriage can go down the tubes.

You no longer respect the views and thoughts of each other.

Communication plays a crucial role in keeping relationships healthy. You should feel free to discuss almost anything with your partner, and vice versa. If your spouse is unwilling to respect your views and thoughts on key issues, your marriage will be in trouble. You won’t want to go on in a partnership where you always have to put your own thoughts aside just to please your partner. On the flip side, do you think your spouse’s values or actions are not worthy or respected?

You spend less time with each other after marriage.

Those days are gone when you both enjoyed all the time you spent together. Now, you start to think something has changed, and it doesn’t feel nice. If you appreciate being more with your colleagues than being with your partner, what’s even more alarming. This problem may be caused by a multitude of variables, but it is a clear indication that something is wrong. To keep your relationship going, your connection with your wife is of the utmost significance

You’re beginning to doubt whether you’ve married the “correct one.”

Are you doubting your spouse’s emotions? Are you often disturbed by the idea that you made a mistake in agreeing with this individual to spend the remainder of your lives? If this is the case, your relationship will definitely have to be rethought and reassessed. If you are now driving you crazy by certain personality traits of your partner you once loved, your marriage is in the danger area.

None of you are prepared to make any additional effort to get your marriage to function.

As the popular saying goes, “Tango takes two.” Therefore, you and your partner have to make sure that both of you are making the same effort to make your relationship work. If you are doing your role and your partner is not even acting like he or she is prepared to put in the effort needed, then you may be heading to “Splitsville.”

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