5 Tips To Take Care Of Your Skin In The Summer

5 Tips To Take Care Of Your Skin In The Summer

If summer brings up beautiful day visions at the beach, park walks or fun time by the pool, you’re not alone. But unfortunately, while you have fun, your skin often tends to get the worst of it. Here are a few tips to make sure you’re having a good time this summer with your skin!

Stay hydrated, protect your skin with a sunscreen and dark clothing, and avoid over-exposure to the sun to keep your skin healthy during the summer. Have foods that are rich in lycopene. Avoid heavy makeup and tackle oily skin using blotting paper. Buttermilk and aloe Vera, while a cool compress can fight a heat rash, can help tackle a suntan.

1. Stay Hydrated

We all know that counteracting the heat and staying hydrated in the summer months is important. This not only keeps you cool and prevents dehydration, it also keeps your skin healthy. Like most other cells in your body, skin cells are predominantly made of water (about 70 %) and lacking enough water can throw a wrench in their functioning. Skin that doesn’t get enough water gets dry, flaky, and tight. It will stop being smooth and can easily wrinkle and crack.

2. Avoid The Sun During Peak Hours


The best thing you can do for your skin is to protect it against the sun’s damaging rays. Sun exposure can cause wrinkles, brown spots, sunburn, and cancer of the skin.

3. Use A Sunscreen

Always apply a sunscreen of wide spectrum before you leave. Sunscreens disperse, reflect, or absorb sunlight, thus protecting your skin. A sunscreen’s sun protection factor (SPF) is indicative of its efficacy. The higher the SPF, the better it works–just look for an adequate sun protection in the range of SPF 15–30. Also, get zinc oxide and titanium dioxide sunscreens as they offer a physical sunlight barrier and are better for your skin than chemical sunscreens based on additives. In sunlight, they are also more stable and can protect against UVA and UVB radiation.

4. Use Blotting Paper To Banish Shine

No, you can’t imagine it, in the summer your skin gets more oily. Research shows that sebum or skin oils production increases in the summer months, which explains the summer shine!12 Many of us use face powder to get rid of brightness and sometimes end up with a chalky or cakey look signature. Instead, use blotting paper to soak the extra oil gently. If you have skin combination, concentrate on the T zone.

5. Go Easy On Make-Up

Heat, sweat, and heavy makeup aren’t all right. So during the summer, avoid creamy, heavy skin products. Indeed, as we have seen, in the summer your skin tends to get more oily. So even if you have dry skin, a lighter moisturizer works better for you during this time than your usual heavy-duty moisturizer.


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