8 small ways to be a good person

8 small ways to be a good person

I think we all want to be good person in the depths. It is in our nature to want to help others (to some extent) and because of the cooperation between individuals, society has developed.

However, there is a downside to our cooperation with each other.

There is a phenomenon called reciprocity in psychology. As humans, if we scratch someone else’s, we want our back scratched. People are returning the favor for the most part. But what if they’re not? What if you don’t recognize and appreciate the contributions you make, not just to others, but to the world? Do you have to stop contributing?

You have to start by working on yourself if you want to become a better person. Before you can interact with others in a kind, compassionate way, much self-reflection and self-investment is needed. Work on yourself and then reach out to others through genuine compassion and charity if you want to be admired.

It means more than just doing things for others to be a good person. Before you can put positive energy into the universe, you have to accept and love yourself. Philosophers have been debating for centuries what is good and what is not, and many people find it more complicated than just being kind. While the journey of each person is different, it has a lot to do with being good to discover yourself and your role in the world. You will have to consider what’ goodness’ means to you to be truly good. Maybe that means doing good to others, or just being an honest and kind person. To help you be a better person, use some of the following tips.

We hope this post encourage you to be a good person . Be good see good and do good that is  the best motto for the life to be healthy and wise.



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