All You Need To Know About The  Pregnancy Orgasm


All You Need To Know About The  Pregnancy Orgasm


Having sex and having orgasms during pregnancy (through sex or self-stimulation) are both safe unless advised against by the doctor. Uterine contractions and intense orgasms are as natural as cramping and a change in your belly’s shape or hardness after climaxing. To be on the safer side, always seek safe suggestions and positions with your doctor to try while having sex or masturbating.

Many great things come with being a mother-to-be. But with frequent vomiting and pee breaks, constant sweating, and every turn that looks like a three-day venture, feeling good is certainly not one of them.

Even worse–pregnancy makes it seem like your favorite things are off limits, like that glass of wine that would otherwise have helped remove the edge. So feeling a certain amount of relief while navigating through this important phase in your life is perfectly natural. And that’s why, ladies, you should be so grateful that there’s still a lot of orgasms on the table.

Is it safe during pregnancy to orgasm?

For most women with a normal, healthy pregnancy, having sex and having orgasms (through sex or self-stimulation) both are safe right until their water breaks or their labor begins.

There are some cases, however, in which both sex and orgasms can be risky during pregnancy. For example, if your doctor tells you that you are at risk of severe bleeding, premature labor or failure of pregnancy, it is best to avoid both. Other risk factors include previous miscarriage or a history of threatened miscarriage. It is also important to remember that when you break your water, engaging in intercourse or inserting a sex toy into your vagina is also a no – no, as this may lead to infection.

Can orgasms trigger contractions of the uterus?

Orgasms cause contractions in the uterus. Every time your body is stimulated, your body’s oxytocin levels increase rapidly with a tremendous burst when you finally reach an orgasm.1 It is this release of oxytocin that causes your uterus to contract.

Why Feel More Intense A Pregnancy Orgasm?

In general, when women are pregnant, they feel more excited than when they are not.

Pregnancy increases blood flow, including your uterus, to your genitals and pelvic regions. Also known as vasocongestion, this phenomenon also occurs during sexual stimulation. Your body becomes more sensitive because of this, and any kind of stimulation, including a mere fantasy, is enough to throw you over the edge, of course, in a good way!

This explains why when you are pregnant your orgasms may feel much more intense. Again, it’s quite normal and there’s nothing to worry about. So just sit back and enjoy the fun!

Is intensive orgasms going to hurt my baby?

No, they’re not going to.

Your fetus is safely snuggled in an amniotic bag full of fluid to provide sufficient shock cushioning if any. Your baby is further protected by the strong muscles of your uterus, while the thick mucus plug that seals your cervix keeps infections at bay.

In addition, either a penis or a sex toy such as a vibrator can not go beyond the vagina and directly hit the uterus. So be assured, if you indulge in some pleasure, your baby won’t be hurt.

Why is my belly getting so hard when I am orgasming?

An orgasm causes muscle contraction in your uterus and abdomen, which can last from thirty minutes to an hour anywhere. This makes your muscles, and your belly gets tough as a result. While this may be somewhat alarming to any mother-to-be, remember that even when you’re not pregnant, this phenomenon occurs. It’s just more evident because your belly is extended because of the pregnancy.

Again, if you find yourself experiencing unbearably painful contractions, visit your doctor right away and tell him about what’s going on.

Can pregnancy affect the future of my orgasms?

Although sex usually gets a bad rep after pregnancy, many women find that the changes caused by pregnancy and labor in their pelvic area actually make climaxing much easier, permanently.

All are constructed differently, however, and the body’s issues are never one-size-fits-all. If you feel it’s hard to reach an orgasm in the future, consult a sex expert for help.

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