Breastfeeding In Public: Why You mustn’t Shy And How To Do It Right!!


Breastfeeding In Public: Why You mustn’t Shy And How To Do It Right!!

A seamless breastfeeding routine keeps nutrients on your baby and helps them grow better. So just because you need to step out, don’t interrupt it. The law protects your right to breastfeed in public. Plan ahead, explore comfortable spots and wear trouble-free clothes so that you can breastfeed without missing a beat!

Whether nutrition, bonding, or convenience, all boxes are ticked for breastfeeding. And while your baby and you may have settled down at home in a happy rhythm, what if you need to go out with your baby or travel? Seamless breastfeeding through the first year also means that when it comes to making mistakes or socializing, your baby and you are a team. But is breastfeeding in public okay? Are you supposed to follow any social norms? Isn’t it better when you’re out to choose a bottle? If the thought of offering your baby a feed in a public space is daunted to you, here are some things to consider.

 Because of Changes in breast milk composition all day and your baby needs all variations

Breast milk is a beautiful nutrient cocktail and beneficial ingredients. But have you known that breastmilk’s composition varies throughout the day? Yes, there is actually a distinct difference between daytime and night breast milk produced! Ingredients like nucleotides in breastmilk play a role in stimulating or relaxing the central nervous system of your baby. So essentially breastmilk has day-and night-specific variations that stimulate activity during the day, respectively, and have a hypnotic effect at night.

Why should your baby miss any of these variations when you need to step out?

A Regular Breastfeeding Routine Helps Your Baby Sleep Better

The subtle changes in breast milk composition help train the body clock of your baby and help them settle down to a healthy cycle of sleep-wake. For example, tryptophan amino acid levels that the body uses to produce melatonin–a hormone that regulates sleep–peak at night and promote nocturnal sleep. It could also explain why breastfed babies sleep better than babies fed with formula. And better sleep is an advantage when it comes to the development of your baby’s brain. Again, an uninterrupted day – and-night breastfeeding routine keeps your baby’s body clock well tuned, so it’s best not to hinder this process.

Breastfeeding Helps You Bond Better With Your Baby

The breastfeeding process helps you bond your baby better. The skin-to-skin contact that takes place during breastfeeding increases your oxytocin levels, a hormone that has a calming effect and promotes breast milk flow. Babies also need to have physical contact–it helps them feel safe and comfortable. There’s no reason to miss out on or put a wrench in this delicate relationship just because you need to keep up with other perfectly normal life stuff!

Do You Know You Have A Right To Breastfeed In Public

While the odd stories about shameful breastfeeding moms may be uncomfortable, know that breastfeeding is not an embarrassment. You can’t always stay at home and you need to feed your baby–it’s as simple as that! Nobody has the right to make you feel uncomfortable in public about breastfeeding. In fact, the law protects your right to breastfeed in public in many countries like the United Kingdom, the United States, and Canada. Learn about your rights and learn about the legal protection that you have been granted. Just knowing what your rights are will help you relax, stay relaxed and be confident in public.


While you have the right to breastfeed anywhere, doing some brainstorming and mentally mapping out breastfeeding-friendly spots in the area you’re visiting still pays. Remember, basically this is to find a place where you’re going to be comfortable.

Dress Comfortably

Wear comfortable clothes that you can push down or pull up in a jiffy at the waist. Some moms prefer loose tops that can be lifted easily. Others dress up in two stretchy tops to cover the tummy while pulling down the bottom layer and lifting up the top layer. Wear a soft bra that can be easily pulled down or up without an underwire.

Use A  Scarf To Cover Up If Need Be

It’s up to you whether or not you want to cover up while breastfeeding. Use a blanket or scarf if you are uncomfortable exposing skin in public. Put it on your breast or shoulders and feed your baby. Just do a few dry runs at home so your baby gets used to it. Also available on the market are nursing tops and covers specifically designed for breastfeeding. Experiment and see for yourself what works best.


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