Child Sex Abuse: Everything you need to know


Child Sex abuse may or may not require physical contact and involve penetrative acts as well as non-penetrative and non-contact activities.such as kids observing sexual activity, encouraging kids to act in a sexually explicit manner, and exposing inappropriate sexual content. Also involves kids involved in prostitution and pornography.

Statistics on sexual abuse differ from country to country. but they are constantly alarming. Research indicates that up to 36% of women and 29% of boys have been sexually abused globally.

Global research shows that street children as a population are extremely susceptible to sexual abuse and it can be extrapolated that the incidence of sexual abuse among street children is greater than that of kids worldwide.

Contributing Factors

The primary external factors that facilitated the perpetuation of child sexual abuse included poverty and social inequities that led to overcrowding in the home. The absence of sexual education for children that caused a condition in which they did not understand enough to safeguard themselves; over-exposure to sex on television and on the Internet that contributed to the normalization of sexuality.


While the risk of sexual abuse is applicable to all kids, some factors raise the risk of sexual abuse of kids. Understanding these factors will assist to maintain you alert and reinforce your parent intuition.

1. Lack of information about health sexuality

Children who lack the necessary information about healthy sexuality are at a higher risk of abuse because they cannot distinguish between healthy and unhealthy behaviors. Also, kids who don’t  feel confident about approaching their parents on the subject of sexuality tend to think what their friends are telling them or the internet worse. Work to have frequent discussions about good sexuality with your kids. Give them instances of what is healthy and what is not healthy in the actual globe. Always let your kids know that with any issues they can approach you.

2. Unsupervised access to technology

Children with unattended tech access are at greater risk of abuse. This is because, before they do physically, offenders often target kids electronically. This involves building intimate social media relationships.

This is why monitoring the use of tech for your kids is essential for their protection. Hold an open discussion in your family about technology. Know the applications that your kids are using. Work to remain educated about the recent developments in social media.

3.Being insecure or lonely

Children who are unsafe or who struggle with self-esteem are more susceptible to abuse. One of the traditional models used by perpetrators is to give kids attention. They enjoy gaining their confidence and making them feel special. This amount of attention may be longed for or desired by children who are lonely or vulnerable.

4. Unsupervised time with others

Children left unattended by adolescents and adults are at increased danger of violence. The greatest danger is in single-parent or two working parent homes where parents are required to leave a kid alone with coaches, instructors, educators, babysitters, or family friends. That’s why it’s essential to stay informed about the patterns used by offenders.

Learn the sexual abuse indications. Trust your parent intuition. There’s a good chance you’re correct if something doesn’t feel right. Learn about good contact and healthy sexuality to your kids. Always let them know that without being judged, they can trust you Impacts.

The study recognized a number of adverse impacts of child sexual abuse on victims, including loss of self-esteem, premature pregnancies, health problems such as ruptured reproductive health systems, contraction of sexually transmitted diseases, men’s fear and unhealthy adult relationships, absence of focus with adverse effects on their research, and mental instability.

Specific groups of perpetrators

The main group of perpetrators recognized by the study included:

  • Fathers
  • Step fathers and mother’s boyfriends
  • Alcoholic / drug abusers
  • Bus drivers / conductors and vehicle
  • Individuals and young children working in packs Strategy to control Child Sex Abuse

Safeguard and Protect the Child

-Sustained campaign for public education and advocacy to develop a favorable atmosphere for child protection. This should concentrate on the damaging consequences of child sexual abuse; promote parents to speak to their kids; and make it hard for offenders to be in public comfortable.

  • The development of the products for this campaign-print, audio and video-will be centrally coordinated between the Parents, Teachers and child. And campaign about primary knowledge such as good touch and Bad touch will help a child to be aware and protect themselves from Child Sex Abuse.
  • Reinforce parental responsibility and the capacity to safeguard your kid. Work on the significance of child protection and the damaging impacts of sexual abuse with preschool parents and reinforce their parenting abilities.
  • Reinforce the capacity of children to acknowledge and react to child abuse by extending the Child Friendly School program to all schools and ensuring consistent delivery of the program in all schools.

Support and rehabilitation for child victims

Provide a better atmosphere for victims of child support. Increase the amount of qualified people accessible for counseling and supporting kids who are victims of child abuse through the local NGO (Child NGO)

establish networks of peer support in societies and/or Schools. These support networks will provide psycho-social assistance where victims can feel free to talk about their experiences, and social employees and counselors will promote group treatment.


  • Reinforcing the parental responsibility and the capacity to safeguard your kid and Working on the significance of child protection will surely lower the risk of child sex abuse.
  • Primary class on Good touch and Bad touch will help student learn to protect themselves.
  • Every school should conduct the awareness program in order to keep their student safe from sex abuse.
  • Together we can reduce the risk of child sex abuse and save our future generation.

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