Heart-warming Pictures of The Romantic Couple Moments

The Romantic Moments Of A Happy Couple

Myeong-Minho is an illustrator based in South Korea. He lives lovely, romantic couple moments. The artist completely depicts the little but sweet joys of being in a relationship. From watching movies, cooking to napping together.

The most frequently captured adorable cat in the illustrations is influenced by the real-life cat of the artist, Dorim. The pictures of Myeongminho mostly portray the first moments, days, and weeks. Its a kind of relationship that we tend to idealize the most.

The South Korean illustrator reminds us all that we think about it for days and days when that first kiss lastly occurs. These are the moments that we would never want to forget.

Couples are going to quote innumerable reasons for their dying fire. Usually, these reasons focus on not getting enough time to spend together and slowly losing that link they treasured both of them. This could be due to long-distance schedules, apparently inconsistent job schedules or simply increasing duties such as coping with kids and their needs. What could have been an unconsciously temporary state of disconnection becomes habit. The priority of spending time together moves from “tomorrow” or “next week” to “when things are resolved” and ultimately fades to “never.” Less time together ultimately leads to a loss of intimacy that manifests as a loss of appeal.

Pictures below will definitely help you to build your relationship more strong and happier and romantic too.

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