How to Clean Earwax From Your Baby’s Ears

How to Clean Earwax From Your Baby’s Ears

Earwax protects the ear canal of your baby against water, infection, and foreign objects. It typically moves on its own from the ear and need not be cleaned. Your doctor may suggest ear drops or oil or use irrigation to remove it if your baby has excessive earwax.

Even though you’ve been getting ready for your baby for months, now that he or she is here you may be faced with a range of confusing questions. Here’s a question that even the most diligent of us tend to miss as they prepare for a baby–how do you clean earwax from the ears of your baby? If you’ve been mulling in your baby’s ear over the dark, waxy substance and if you should remove it, read on.

Earwax Protects Your Baby’s Ears

Earwax or cerumen is a soft, colorless wax produced in your ears by glands. When it comes into contact with air, it turns a yellowish brown color and becomes harder. And what you’d think of as muck or dirt has some really important functions. Earwax waterproof the ear canal lining and has antimicrobial and antibacterial properties. It also acts as a filter for the ears of your baby and protects your ear canal against infection, foreign objects, and trauma. Plus it’s a natural cleanser as it gathers hair, dead skin cells, and dirt as it moves out of your ears and carries all this gunk along with it. In fact, human ears may feel uncomfortable and uncomfortable without sufficient earwax.

Your Baby’s Ears Clean Themselves

Now, the news is even better. Ears clean themselves, whether it’s yours or your baby’s, so you don’t really have to chip in. So how does this function of auto-cleaning work? Your ear canal cells have a unique property–they are migrating. In fact, if you dot the inside of your ear canal with a drop of ink (we don’t suggest you do this, though!) you would find that it would be carried out by cells in the ear canal and eventually out of the ear over the course of a couple of weeks. Naturally, this cell movement also shifts earwax from your ears. Normal jaw movements like those made when speaking or eating help this process.

Don’t Clean Earwax With Cotton Swabs, Pointed Objects, Or Your Finger

Most of us are guilty of cleaning our ears with cotton buds or swabs. But with your baby, this practice can do more harm than good. Inserting a cotton bud into the ear canal of your baby can push the earwax deeper into it, where it can get stuck and cause an infection. It even raises the risk of their eardrum being ruptured. And it goes without saying that inserting pointed objects such as pencils or bobby pins inside the ear is never a good idea.

You Can Gently Wipe Outside Of The Ears To Clean Them

But the ears of your baby need to be cleaned–outside. Use a cotton bud or clean washcloth to wipe warm water on the outside of each ear and ensure that you also clean your ears. When you bathe them, you can clean the ears of your baby. Under no circumstances should your fingers or washcloth poke inside the ear.

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