Is Sex During Menstruation Harmful?

Is Sex During Menstruation Harmful?????

Sex may be tabulated during menstruation, but it is not harmful. Sex during the period can even reduce cramps and improve mood. But since STIs and blood-borne diseases such as hepatitis or HIV are at high risk of transmission during this time, take adequate protection. If you have a short menstrual cycle of 21–24 days as you might get pregnant over your period, you should also take protection (or not).

Sex can be off the table for many couples during a woman’s period. Combined with cultural and religious stigmas associated with menstruation in some communities, the thought of the mess may be enough to put off some people. At the same time, the idea that without getting pregnant appeals to many it could be a chance to go protection-free. But is that true even? And are your other reasons scientifically valid for or against the idea?

There’s No Risk In Having Sex During Menstruation


It may not be the most common thing to do to have intercourse during your period, but it should not be taboo either. While it may be a little messy, at this time of the month there is no real reason for you to abstain. As long as you don’t have any queasy about a little blood, go straight ahead and have fun without worry.

Having Sex During Your Period Is Good

When you’re menstruating, there are benefits to having sex. By the third day of your period, you are likely to feel more oomph in your drive to have sex. That’s because the levels of the hormone change, the levels of testosterone rise and you feel more libidinous.2 The result? For the couple, a more rewarding experience.

The additional contractions during sex and an orgasm also mean that your body can expel the blood and tissue more quickly, and some suggest that it may even help shorten the length of the period – although further scientific study is needed to support this.


 Rare But Period Sex Can Result In Pregnancy

The question of whether your period is the ideal time to have sex depends on what your goal is, according to the American Pregnancy Association. If the idea is to avoid becoming pregnant at all costs, you should be aware that during a woman’s period it is possible to become pregnant. However, the chances are not at their peak, so this may not be the best time if you’re trying to conceive.

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