Why Do Babies Cry At Night? 6 Possible Reasons

Why Do Babies Cry At Night? 6 Possible Reasons

Does your baby keep you with her crying all night? It can be exhausting and worrying to deal with a weeping baby at night. But if you can figure out why your baby is crying at night, half of the battle will be won. Six possible reasons for babies cry at night are here:

 They Are Hungry Or Thirsty

Here’s a common reason for the cries of your baby–hunger or thirst. Your baby has a tiny tummy and often needs to feed. A newborn baby may need to be fed about 8-12 times a day, i.e. once every 2-3 hours, day and night.1 But by the time she is 1-2 months old, she may have to nurse only 7-9 times a day.2 And at 3 months, she may have to sleep 6-8 hours continuously without feeding.3 So if your precious little baby is older than 3 months and you know you fed her well before she fell asleep, she may have to sleep 6-8 hours continuously.

Babies Cry Because They Miss You

Your baby may weep at night sometimes because she needs to be held or comforted. If your baby screams in the night but seems to calm down when you go to her, she may just need some reassurance that you’re nearby. This phase of separation anxiety is a normal stage for babies to go through, especially when they are about 8 to 12 months of age.4 Try to comfort your baby without taking her out of the crib so that she can sleep back quickly. And remember, to comfort her, don’t play with her.

They Are Too Cold Or Too Warm

If she’s uncomfortably warm or cold, your baby may find it hard to get to sleep. Check for a comfortable temperature. If the room is too cold for you, your baby will probably also be cold. And if you added an extra blanket very carefully, it could have become too warm! Babies of all ages respond to uncomfortable temperatures.

Tips: If wrapped up, some babies feel more secure. Wrap them gently in light cotton or muslin, making sure you leave enough space to expand their chests when they breathe and bend their legs to the waist.

They Have Soiled Their Nappy

A nappy that is dirty or wet can irritate your baby and disturb her sleep. Check to see if your diaper is soiled when your baby wakes up crying. Sometimes the trick could be done by a nappy change.

Make sure nappies and wipes are on hand so that in the middle of the night you don’t have to go hunting for them.

Their Sleep Has Been Disturbed

Twitches and jerks of your normal muscle can wake your baby and make her cry. Also, check that factors such as noise or light do not disturb her sleep or shock her.5 Sleeping behaviors are learned. So as soon as you can get your baby settled into a bedtime routine and make sure you stick to it. To relax your baby before bedtime, you can try a warm bath, massage or soft music. Wrap your child lightly, too. It lowers her chances of waking up because of random jerks of her arms.

They Are Teething

The front teeth of your baby may begin to appear when she is about 6 months old. When they start teething, some babies become irritable and fussy. You may find that it’s hard for your baby to sleep and cry at this time during the night. She may drool or lose her appetite as well.

Try to gently rub her gums with a clean finger to ease her discomfort

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